Why Multiple Electrical Outlets Are Not Working In My House (And How To Fix It)?

home electrical plugs are not working

When one outlet in your home isn’t working, it’s a nuisance. When multiple outlets aren’t working, it can feel like a serious problem. Don’t fret! Multiple inactive outlets are more common than you think, and there are ways to fix the problem. Please note, while some of these issues may appear to have an easy fix, it’s still important to … Read More

Home Security Cameras: Wired vs Wireless

Pick the right home wireless security system

As the technology for home protection becomes more advanced and abundant, residents are faced with a number of choices they didn’t have a few years ago. When it comes to keeping your home, valuables and loved ones safe, home security cameras can be a great tool. No matter what type of home security camera system you happen to choose, it … Read More

5 Common Electrical Hazards Found at Home

kid is playing with electric extension cord and iron at home

Electrical energy is extremely useful, and practically every one of us makes use of it on a daily basis at home. As long as things are functioning properly, and components are safely installed, electricity is safe to use. Unfortunately, there are some instances where you may encounter an electrical hazard at home. To help you identify these hazards and take … Read More

Why You Need Electrical Upgrades in Your House

GFCI have upgraded for residential Electrical Upgrades

Whether you have lived in your home for a number of years and are looking to renovate, or you just moved in and are looking for ways to make your new house into a home, there is never a bad time for electrical upgrades. Over time, certain aspects of a home’s electrical system can become outdated and inefficient. In some … Read More

Electric Car Adoption Rate and the Effect on Your Electric Bills

electric cars get battery plug-in charger station

As the years have gone by, and we are now in a new decade, it has become clear that electric vehicles are here to stay. The demand and deployment of these vehicles have rapidly grown over the past decade, and that trend is expected to continue throughout the globe. With this in mind, you may be wondering what type of … Read More

Installing new power outlets/switches: what you should know?

electrician is installing the power outlets

There are several reasons a person might want to install new power outlets or switches in their home or commercial building. In older homes, the number of outlets may be inadequate for today’s electrical needs, or they may be in inconvenient spots. You may need to find a proper commercial electrician in Vancouver. Perhaps the house has undergone some renovations … Read More

Most Common Mistakes With Electricians

a bad electrician burn himself of fixing the wire

In the world of trades and construction, there are plenty of people offering their services. When it comes to updating or installing electrical work for your home or building, you need to be diligent when looking to hire. In a place like Vancouver, where tradespeople are often in high demand, there is plenty of room for low quality work and … Read More

EV Charging Station Installations

Check out these Electric vehicle charging (Ev) station with two plugs

This is an exciting time in the world of electric vehicles. Now more than ever, we are seeing more and more electric powered vehicles on the road. This is largely thanks to the recent advancements in electric vehicle technology that allows cars to travel further and faster on their batteries than ever before. As a result, there has been an … Read More

Most Dangerous Home Electrical Hazards

Home Electrical Hazards

We rely on electricity more than ever. From our phones to appliances – our life without electricity is practically unimaginable. While safety standards have improved over the years, that doesn’t mean that accidents can’t happen – electrical hazards do still exist. The good news is that once you recognize what the hazards are, you can take steps to eliminate them. … Read More

Electrical Panel Dos and Don’ts

Electrical Panel Dos and Don'ts

Every home owner should have basic knowledge about a few things — like when the house was built, when the roof was last repaired, and the ins and outs of their electrical panel. The electrical panel receives power from the municipal power supply and distributes electricity throughout the house. All the outlets (and the electronics and appliances that plug into … Read More