EV Charger Installation In Vancouver, BC

Why Call A Maximum & Sons Electrical for EV Charger Installation?

A Max Electrical is committed to helping our customers for all their electrical needs. We stay on the cutting edge of trends and current technology.

We are happy to offer EV charging station installation for any condo or apartment complex, or any home or office building.

EV chargers are a value-added feature for any property, and the demand is growing. Be a part of the future with an EV charging station at your home, office or commercial building.

We are up-to-date on the latest available government rebates to help you save money. Take advantage of these financial incentives before they’re gone!

Show your commitment to sustainability by getting ahead of the curve and call A Max Electrical to start the process. We are ready to go to install your Electric Vehicle charging station today.

Our experienced team of electricians will:

  • Perform a site evaluation
  • Give you a plan and quote
  • Install the device

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What To Expect

We offer competitive rates and exceptional customer care. We have been in business for nearly three decades, and we stay in business by offering quality work and innovative solutions for our clients.

If you want to install an EV charging station on your residential or commercial building give us a call today!

What To Expect

Our primary goal is to provide quality services delivered by experienced commercial electricians in a timely fashion at affordable prices. Each of our Vancouver electricians is licensed, insured, bonded, and highly trained, providing our clientele with professional service and performance at all times and for all manner of projects. These highly skilled individuals provide exceptional service using quality electrical components and the skills they have honed through years of service. They are familiar with light to heavy construction sites and work with initial designs and renovations.