Most Dangerous Home Electrical Hazards

Home Electrical Hazards

We rely on electricity more than ever. From our phones to appliances – our life without electricity is practically unimaginable.

While safety standards have improved over the years, that doesn’t mean that accidents can’t happen – electrical hazards do still exist. The good news is that once you recognize what the hazards are, you can take steps to eliminate them. For some, you may require the assistance of a residential electrician in Vancouver.

Here are some of the most dangerous home electrical hazards.

Faulty wiring

If you live in an older home or bought your home from someone who attempted their own DIY electrical fixes, there is a chance that the wiring is faulty, frayed, or out of date. Faulty wiring can often go undetected until it causes a massive and dangerous problem, like an electrical fire.

We recommend you call in a home electrician to perform and inspection and analysis on your home’s wiring system. This is the kind of problem you want to fix before it becomes a disaster, and calling in a professional residential electrician is the way to guarantee the safety of your family and your home.

Water close to outlets

Another common hazard is electrical outlets close to water sources, like in the bathroom or the kitchen near the sink or tub. If there are outlets in close proximity to water, think carefully about using electronics or appliances with water near by.

Serious electrical shocks can occur even using wet hands and electrical devices, so proceed with caution, or simply avoid the risk altogether.

Water on electrical fires

Electrical fires are scary but they do happen. However, what often makes them worse than they need to be is that people panic and throw water on them. This is never the right move, since water can fuel an electrical fire. Instead, use an fire extinguisher. *

*Have you checked your fire extinguisher lately? Make sure it is not past its expiry date and that all members of your home know how to use it.

Curious children

As young children grow up, they are curious about the world and how things work and fit together. It seems reasonable to a three-year old to see what they can stick into a socket. Of course, this is a terrifying situation, but one that can be prevented.

If a child is going to be roaming around your home, consider investing in a package of outlet covers and installing them in every outlet they can reach. Even ones in hidden places – kids have a way of getting into the most surprising spots.

Extension cords

Extension cords provide convenience and can increase the reach of our home’s electrical system. However, many people over use extension cords to the point that they cause a hazard. If you are loading up your extension cord with as many appliances and electronics as you think it can handle, you might be creating an avoidable hazard that can lead to blown circuits, or even electrical fires.

Make sure you buy an electrical cord that has surge protection, consider turning the power off when you leave the house or it’s not in use, and make sure you are not overloading the cord

Remember that electrical work is not something you should try your hand at if you are not sure what you are doing. Call in a residential electrician in Vancouver to come in and do the job properly, so you can rest easy knowing it’s been a job well done.