Why Multiple Electrical Outlets Are Not Working In My House (And How To Fix It)?

home electrical plugs are not working

When one outlet in your home isn’t working, it’s a nuisance. When multiple outlets aren’t working, it can feel like a serious problem. Don’t fret! Multiple inactive outlets are more common than you think, and there are ways to fix the problem. Please note, while some of these issues may appear to have an easy fix, it’s still important to call a professional electrician before starting any work. Electricity is incredibly dangerous, and a mistake may cause severe harm or fire.

4 Common Home Electrical Outlets Issues

1. Check Your Breaker or Fuse Panel

The first thing you’ll want to do is check your circuit breaker. It may be that the circuit connected to the outlets was overloaded and turned off. If this is the case, turning it back on should restore power.


2. GFCI Tripped

Another reason may be a GFCI outlet has been tripped. A GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) are those outlets that have the reset button on them. They’re used to detect current leaks and will immediately shut off all outlets connected to it if one is detected. Push the reset button on the outlet, this may restore power. If the reset button doesn’t stay in when pressed, it means you have a severe current leak, and you need to call a professional to take a look at it.


3. Loose Internal Connection

A possible reason your outlets aren’t working is a loose electrical connection. Most outlets are connected to your home’s electricity by wrapping the wires around screws and tightening them. If these screws become loose, it may sever the connection. They may also be connected by what is called “backstabbing wires.” This is when the wires are inserted into the back of the outlet and held in place by clamps. Backstabbing wires tend to come to loose more frequently, but both can be fixed. First, turn off the power to the area, then remove the faceplate and unscrew the outlet from the wall. Now you can see if any wires are loose or no longer connected.


4. Incorrect Connections

Peeking behind the curtain may reveal other factors that could be the source of your problem. One may be too many wires in the wire nut. Wire nuts are used to connected two wires together, but your homes former electricians or owners may have used wire nuts to complete a circuit that feeds power to other outlets in the room. If this is the case, call a residential electrician, as you can’t be sure what these extra wires are connected to.


When dealing with electricity, the best course of action is to play it safe. Give the qualified and experienced electricians at A Maximum and Sons Electrical a chance to fix all your electrical problems and electrical upgrades. We provide honest and quality work to all our customers. It’s how we keep the lights on.