EV Charging Station Installations

Check out these Electric vehicle charging (Ev) station with two plugs

This is an exciting time in the world of electric vehicles. Now more than ever, we are seeing more and more electric powered vehicles on the road. This is largely thanks to the recent advancements in electric vehicle technology that allows cars to travel further and faster on their batteries than ever before. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of EV charging stations found throughout densely populated centres like Vancouver. As the number of electric vehicles on the road continues to increase, there will be more demand for access to charging stations, meaning more EV charging station installations everywhere from private residential and commercial properties, to condo complexes and even hotels. At A Maximum & Sons, we have the resources and the expertise to ensure the safe, fast and reliable installation of EV charging stations in Vancouver for green vehicles no matter where you need them.

Residential EV Charging Station Installation

Despite the continued growth of the electric vehicle industry, it can sometimes be difficult for electric car owners to find a convenient place to charge. This is especially true for people living outside of a major city centre where EV chargers are still few and far between. Because of this, it is usually a good idea for electric vehicle owners to have their own charging station installed at home. This allows for more freedom and convenience, and with multiple charging station options from A Maximum, there is an EV charger station that fits every budget and lifestyle.

Customers can choose between three different types of residential EV charging stations. A level one charging station offers the slowest charging rate of the three, but it is the least expensive option. Meanwhile, a level three station is the most expensive, but it also offers extremely fast charging rates, making it extremely useful for EV drivers that find themselves on the road longer and more frequently.

Commercial EV Charging Station Installation

Commercial business owners can greatly benefit in the long term by installing a convenient EV Charging station on their property. Not only does this make some businesses eligible for tax credits and rebates, it can also help promote a positive image for the company as a whole. These days responsibility and sustainability are something that consumers make note of when they decide which businesses they are going to patronize. By showing that sustainable, electric powered vehicles are part of your long term business plan, you can easily make a positive impression on current and potential clients. Companies that use cars as a part of their daily business can also expect to save on expenses in the long term by making the investment to have one or more EV charging stations of any kind installed on their commercial property. With help from an expert at A Maximum Electrical, you can get equipped with EV charging stations that are ideal for the type of vehicle use that is typical for your business.

Condo EV Charging Station Installation

Attracting responsible, high-value residents to your condo complex can be a lot easier by making the effort to install EV charging stations in a new or existing condo development. Similar to the way it can enhance a business’ profile, condo developers can be viewed as forward-thinking and committed to future sustainability by opting for EV charging station installations. In addition to enhancing the profile of the development, the addition of EV charging stations will also help add to the value of each condo property, while staying ahead of future trends in the car industry. It is estimated that by the year 2022 there will be nearly 20 million electric vehicles on the road in developed countries. As that number continues to rise, the demand for convenient access to charging stations at home and in public will increase as well, making an investment in EV charging stations today one that will pay off for the near future.

Hotel EV Charging Station Installation

In the hospitality business, it is always best to find new ways to make your guests’ lives easier and their stay more convenient and enjoyable. As the number of electric vehicles on the road continues to increase, that will mean more and more hotel guests will require a place to charge their cars during their stay at your hotel. By giving access to EV charging stations, you will be able to set yourself apart from any competition you may have in the industry. It will also go a long way towards improving your hotel’s profile among environmentally conscious consumers who are looking to patronize green friendly businesses. You may also find that you attract attention from EV owners that aren’t currently staying at your hotel. These people will likely make note of the presence of your EV charging stations, and that will encourage them to stay at your hotel in the future, or at the very least they will encourage others to do so in the future. With the growing number of electric vehicles on the road, it certainly can’t hurt to stay ahead of the trend by adding sustainable amenities like EV charging stations to your hotel.

Our Vancouver Electricians can get you set up with the ideal type of EV charging stations for your needs. Whether you operate a commercial business, a hotel or condo complex or you simply want to have the convenience of an in-home EV charging station, we have the right options for you. Contact us today to set up a consultation where we can find the right EV charger for your unique needs and budget.

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