Most Common Mistakes With Electricians

a bad electrician burn himself of fixing the wire

In the world of trades and construction, there are plenty of people offering their services. When it comes to updating or installing electrical work for your home or building, you need to be diligent when looking to hire. In a place like Vancouver, where tradespeople are often in high demand, there is plenty of room for low quality work and unreliable tradespeople to sneak in. And the electrical system in your home is not something you want to roll the dice with.

So before you make the call to hire an electrician, here are some of the most common mistakes you can make.

Hiring for price alone

The saying “you get what you pay for” definitely applies when it comes to electrical work. If you find a company or tradesperson willing to undercut the rest of the competitors, proceed with caution. Not only are they willing to devalue the trade, they might be inexperienced and looking to build their clientele for a reduced rate. Instead, look for fair, competitive pricing from a company that can back up the rate they charge with examples of high quality work and satisfied customers.

No warranty or unprofessional quotes
Reputable electricians will offer a reasonable quote before any contracts are signed. While quotes they often come with a disclaimer allowing for adjustments due to unforeseeable circumstances that might arise, the quote should cover all the work and fees. Beware of quotes that seem incomplete or low as there might be “add ons” on the final bill. Before you sign any contacts, ask if the quote is comprehensive or if there will be anything else added to the final bill.

Online reviews

Customer reviews online have changed a lot of industries, and there are pros and cons to them. As a business, can’t control who says what online, so consumers should take that into consideration if there are bad public reviews. For every unhappy client, there are probably loads of happy ones who haven’t taken the time to write a review. It’s very important to do research but we caution to take online reviews with a grain of salt. Look at the whole body of reviews, note the dates and whether or not there are any outliers. You’ll get a better idea if you look at the average review rather than extreme reviews on either end of the spectrum.

First impressions count

When shopping around for electrical services, do your due diligence — read reviews and ask around. When you are ready, meet the electricians in person before you make any final arrangements. You will get a sense of their professionalism when you meet face to face, and follow your gut from there. If there are red flags (they are late, underprepared, unsure, or inexperienced with the type of job you are hiring for), we recommend you think twice before going ahead. Even people just starting out in the trade can take the extra step to make a good impression.

With electrical services, the stakes are high. A poorly done job can end up costing you a lot of time and money down the road, and can even put you and your family at risk.

That’s why at A Maximum and Sons Electrical Contracting, we pride ourselves on our customer service and connecting with the people who hire us. If you have any questions or would like a quote, our incredible team of residential Vancouver electricians is standing by to help!