Why Do Electricians Charge Call-Out Fees?

why do electricians charge

Like any profession, not all electricians are alike, and sometimes choosing what initially seems like the least expensive option can result in higher costs in the future. Many people who are unfamiliar with call-out fees may be reluctant to choose an electrical company that charges these fees, which is in some ways understandable when considering your options from a budgetary standpoint. Why pay for an electrician just to show up at your house and tell you they won’t be able to work for you? In order to answer this valid question, it is important to explain why a call-out fee is necessary. It is also important to understand the reasons why some Vancouver electricians charge a call-out fee, and why others don’t.

What Does a Call-Out Fee Cover?

A call-out fee is typically charged to a prospective customer who wants to meet with an electrician to discuss an upcoming project, or to a current customer who needs an electrician to for general maintenance. This fee mainly covers things like administrative costs and licensing fees, as well as other expenses like gas, vehicle/equipment maintenance, cost of labour and worker’s insurance. If an electrician fails to cover these expenses, it will not only hurt their business and reputation but can also result in future costs for former clients. For example, if you were to hire an electrician who was uninsured or unlicensed, you can be held liable by an insurance company for any damage that results from that electrician’s work. While the call-out fee may seem like an unnecessary expense, homeowners can definitely gain peace of mind from the fact that an electrician who does charge a call-out fee is likely operating their business completely above board.

What Does No Call-Out Charge Mean?

Now that we know what a call-out charge is and why it is necessary, we can gain a better understanding about why some electrical professionals avoid this fee. Sometimes companies simply do not need to charge a call-out fee because they meet their expenses in other ways. Some electricians include the fee in their overall estimates, or they simply charge a higher rate when it comes to labour, materials, warranty, etc. In other cases, electricians do not charge this fee because they are not operating their business in an entirely legitimate manner. This willingness to skirt expenses and cut corners should always be a red flag when it comes to selecting an electrician, mainly due to the fact that if a company or individual is willing to neglect their own responsibilities, how can they be trusted to keep their client’s best interest at heart?
While it may seem off-putting at first, a call-out fee is usually a good indicator of the level of professionalism and workmanship you can expect from a particular electrician. Furthermore, here at A Maximum and Sons Electrical Contracting we will deduct our call-out fee from your final invoice should we decide to move forward with the project. If you are a resident living in the Vancouver area and would like to receive a quote for your upcoming electrical project from a licensed and fully insured electrician from A Maximum and Sons Electrical Contracting, feel free to contact us at any time!

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